2017 AGM update: Changes at the top of UK PHA

After 16 years the current President, Sue Painter and Secretary, Rob Painter (both Directors) have stood down from their roles the board having identified knowledgeable and enthusiastic successors to take the Club forward.

We are please to announce the AGM approved the appointment of Helena Ryan as President and Martin Collins as Secretary.
The AGM also approved the application of Dani O'Brien to the role of PAC & Media Relations (vacated last year by Mel Scott) 

To assure a smooth transition to the new leadership team the AGM also approved that Rob Painter remain for a year as Treasurer.

At the Board meeting held earlier in the day the other existing Board members 
recommended the Sue Painter be retained on the Board for a year in a new role of Breed & Genetics Officer. This role would support the board and its members in staying current with the various changes in genetic standards, leveraging both Sue's Knowledge and Passion for the Breed. 

This was proposed to the AGM and all roles were passed unanimously.  Helena Ryan, incoming President said she was delighted Sue would stay on in the new role and that “it had help lift a weight off her shoulders”.

Sue & Rob were also recognised for they work over the past 16 years with a surprise presentation of a beautiful trophy and a bouquet of flowers, arranged by other board members and contributed to by several current members.  As a further surprise the Executive President of APHA also sent his best wishes via a pre-recoded video.

It was Rob & Sue’s plan and intension to fully step down as board members but they are both happy to stay involved in lesser capacities to support the transition to a new and vibrant team.