Important news regarding the 2017 WES Nationals and APHA / UKPHA Classes

UK PHA Members, we have been informed by WES that to reduce costs they are reshaping their National Show in 2017 and will focus on core activities.  One of the outcomes is that they are unable to accommodate APHA classes within the show.

Clearly this is disappointing news for UK PHA and its members.  We have worked together with WES over the past 10 years, but we respect their decision and will continue to work with WES as we are all stronger together. 

It is important to remember that, 10 years ago, WES helped us in our hour of need when we looked for a new home for our "summer show". When we first started our joint arrangement 10 years ago, and our provision of Judge funding, the circumstances were different.  A) the APHA funding covered the flight and judges fees, B) At the time time the show hosted AQHA & APHC (Appy) classes so we found and provided a 3 carded judge.  Now APHA funding only covers the flight and the other breeds do not have specific classes.

We have had 10 great years of APHA approved shows there and all good things do seem to come to an end or at least a pause.  The show will still provide Paint owners and exhibitors with a place to show, and PAC points will still be earned by those who register,  so we will still have it on our calendar

On a more positive note, Oakridge have proactively booked 2 APHA approved shows and they are both double judged.  Whilst this does make them a bit more expensive, It does mean members have a better opportunity to earn points at each show and reduce travel and stabling time.  In addition with Oakridge unaffiliated classes there are still opportunities to compete in bigger multi breed classes.  So PAC points are on offer too.

Lets not forget and support Bodiam, Brandon & Sovereign OH who all also provide great opportunities to show.